Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada living in Canada, who are at least 18 years old,
   may sponsor foreign nationals who are close relatives or family members. Sponsors have to help
   their accompanying family members for a period of three to ten years through the sponsorship

   - You can sponsor who are -

   Spouses, common-law or conjugal partners at least 16 years old.
   Parents, grandparents and dependent children, including adopted children;
   Children under 18 years old whom you intend to adopt.
   brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces or grandchildren who are orphans; under the age of 18 and not
     married or in a common-law relationship.
   Dependent child or a dependent child of your spouse/common-law partner/conjugal partner who
     is lessthan 22 years old. They can be more than 22 years old if full-time students or disabled.

Qualifying Business Criteria

* Effective until December 31, 2008